Access and Participation Statement

Mayur University

UKPRN: 10021039


Mayur University is committed to offering the benefits of higher education to a wide variety of groups and individuals who might otherwise have been excluded because of their life circumstances. The Core Values that underpin our approach to higher education are equality, inclusivity and fairness and placing our students at the forefront of everything we do.

We believe that a diverse student population contributes to a challenging and stimulating learning environment. We therefore welcome undergraduate applications from all candidates with the potential to succeed, whatever their background. We are committed to equality of opportunity and aim to avoid unfair discrimination on any grounds, including disability, gender, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Admissions Policy

We normally require applicants to have pursued a broadly- based course of study, with at least three passes at GCE A Level (or equivalent). Each application will be considered on its merits, taking into account the personal statement and academic reference supplied.

People with disabilities are invited to disclose their disability at the point of application. They will be offered a personal/telephone interview during which the requirements of the degree programme they wish to apply for can be explained, the level of support required can be established and a suitable mode of study explored to enable such applicants the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

We welcome applications from mature students (aged over 21 years on the 1st of September in the year of admission) and from people with non-conventional qualifications. In all such cases a personal or telephone interview will be offered to clarify the requirements of the course they wish to study, their expectations of the course and what it can achieve in terms of a positive and sustainable future, and the level of support that can be offered to enable them to reach their full potential.

In the case of applicants whose first language is not English, we accept a range of English language qualifications to satisfy the minimum level of competence required.

What Our Students Can Expect from Us

The delivery of a consistently high- quality student experience is our overarching strategic aim. To this end the following actions will be taken:

  • The process of gaining admission to our programmes will be clear and transparent and allow ease of access to applicants to gain places on programmes appropriate to their needs
  • Identifying students with specific learning support needs and creating enhanced opportunities for success, focused on their needs
  • To establish the financial stability and sustainability of the institution so that we are able in the short to medium term to address financial barriers to success and create focused support through bursary payments
  • To improve educational opportunities by launching new programmes which provide a range of progression pathways
  • To network with like-minded individuals, organizations and employers to provide accessible career pathways for all students.

Examples of Good Practice

Below are just a few examples to demonstrate Mayur university’s commitment to providing support to students with specific needs to enhance their opportunities to successfully complete their course of study:

  1. A mature student with multiple sclerosis who was offered support in order to be able to participate in the clinical training requirements of the Ayurveda degree we delivered at Thames Valley University. The Programme Leader also made arrangements for an amanuensis for the written examinations and extra time.
  2. A student with a moderate visual impairment who enrolled on the B.Sc (Hons) Ayurveda degree at Mayur University was provided with study materials specially printed with large font and extra time for written examinations. Advice was taken from the RNIB and the learning support was continually reviewed over the three- year course of study to enable the student to successfully graduate.
  3. A Sanskrit Summer School was offered free of charge to all first -year students on the Ayurveda degrees both at TVU and at Mayur University as part of the induction programme to familiarise them with this classical language and the technical terminology specific to Ayurvedic Medicine.
  4. Special tutorials on essay-writing skills for students with identified needs
  5. Workshops conducted by Ayurvedic doctors on the academic staff of Mayur for Ayurvedic graduates as part of Continuing Professional Development.
  6. A student who had to relocate to Germany in the second year of the degree was able to continue as a distance learner with specially developed learning materials and a flexible timetable for the clinical training.
  7. An Italian naval officer who could study as a distance learner for a Certificate in Ayurveda. Mayur’s flexible approach to delivery enabled him to study when he was on active service on the high seas.


Mayur University will review and revise this Access and Participation Statement annually to reflect the profile of applicants on various courses we offer and the needs of the students studying on the various programmes. The University will also network with schools in economically and socially-deprived areas, specific minority groups and organizations working with disadvantaged or under-represented groups to improve the recruitment and retention of students from all backgrounds .The University will take special cognizance of the mental health needs of all students and will ensure that there is adequate and timely support available within the institution and that we are networked with specialist NHS mental health services and appropriate counselling services.