The programme is delivered via face-to-face teaching and supported distance learning by a team of qualified and experienced academics. Students who opt for the contact mode will attend lectures once a week in London during term time. There will be opportunities to interact with course tutors and to participate in seminars, discussion groups and other academic activities facilitated by the faculty.

Distance learners will be supported with study materials specially prepared to facilitate independent learning. These will be sent electronically every week for each of the modules taught during the term and there will be provision for on-line tutorials with Module Tutors and net-based discussion forums with peers. The aim of the university is to ensure that distance learners have as much opportunity to share and participate in a stimulating academic environment so as to enrich their overall learning experience. Where possible, and if the number of students in any country outside the UK is around 50, a two-week programme of intensive lectures will be arranged in a convenient location in that country to enable face-to-face contact between representatives of the faculty and with fellow students on the programme.

All students will receive a Programme Handbook describing the underlying philosophy, aims and objectives of this degree and specifying the structure of the course and university regulations regarding assessments, grading, progression and award of degrees. Students will also receive a detailed Module Study Guide for each of the modules comprising this programme which will set out the module aims and learning outcomes, the content, assessment requirements and dates for submission of coursework.

The University welcomes adult learners who have a broad interest in health, wellness, human ecology, herbal medicine and the philosophical and spiritual basis of vegetarian living. It is possible to study individual modules relating to your specific interest and to participate in the seminars and discussion forums. On successful completion of the module assessments, you will be awarded a Certificate in Personal and Professional Development.