MAYUR also offers short Certificate level courses in a range of specialist subjects related to Ayurveda, Yoga and Clinical Nutrition and post-graduate degree programmes in subjects as varied as Philosophy, Vedic Architecture, Indological Studies, Holistic Nutrition, Stress Management and Humanistic Management.

The short courses offered at MAYUR in the academic year commencing October 2010 are designed for school leavers with ‘A’ level passes and for mature students who wish to combine higher education with demanding careers and/or family commitments. These courses are offered via a ‘blended’ approach which involves attending one lecture a week over 14 weeks and supported distance learning.

 These courses are delivered by a team of qualified and experienced academics and clinicians. Study materials specially prepared to facilitate independent study will be sent electronically each week on the specific topics which comprise a particular course. The learning materials have been created to encourage the student to engage actively with the content and to reflect on its application to one’s life, professional practice or to wider social, cultural and ethical issues.

Courses leading to a Certificate in Personal & Professional Development offer a coherent and comprehensive programme of study for those individuals who wish to pursue an interest in aspects of health care, spirituality and/or environmental issues as part of their personal and/or professional development. The courses are designed for individuals who are practising a related complementary health care discipline, for mainstream health professionals seeking to change direction in the provision of health care, for those who are contemplating a career shift in the direction of complementary and alternative health care and for those who have an interest in promoting their own health and sense of well-being.

The Foundation Certificate courses are designed as ‘taster’ courses for those wishing to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Sociology, Health Studies, Social Work, Social and Health Policy and related disciplines.

The duration of each course is 14 Study Weeks over 3 months. On enrolment, each student will receive a detailed Study Guide which maps out the entire content of the course, relevant references and suggestions for background reading and also explains the assessment process. Learning materials will be sent for each Study week. These will consist of explanatory notes and learning activities to facilitate understanding and consolidation of the content. Supplementary learning materials in the form of Side Books have been created to provide a more in-depth understanding of specific topics. These will also be sent electronically for the relevant study weeks. 

The tutor-facilitated lectures each week will be an opportunity to discuss, debate and clarify issues relevant to a topic and the background reading. Lectures will be held at the MAYUR University study centre in London.

The assessment strategy is designed to motivate the student to return to the learning materials and the associated references to review and integrate the complexity of the topics studied. Formative check-point activities include short-response questions and simple reflective exercises and case studies which require the student to examine their learning to date and apply it appropriately. These Formative assessments are associated with the essential staged learning in the study materials. A more extended piece of writing at the end of the course aims to bring together key aspects of the various topics dealt with and to provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate original thinking and academic skills.

Course tutors will support learning by:

  • Tutorials to address individual learning needs
  • Advising and guiding through the learning materials and activities as appropriate
  • Feeding back on the Formative check-point assessments and the summative assessment submitted at the end of the course.