Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition (MAU NU 01)
Duration: 1 year
Fees: £3500

There is widespread recognition among health professionals as well as the general public that a balanced diet is a prerequisite for good health. Interest in experimenting with new foods and new ways of cooking and concerns about the provenance and purity of the food we eat are being promoted almost daily in the popular media. The increasing prevalence of eating disorders and contemporary health problems such as obesity and cardiovascular disorders have heightened professional interest in issues related to diet and nutrition. The recent economic downturn in the West , moreover, has renewed concerns about the consequences of poverty, homelessness and nutritional deficiency while the stark contrast between the diseases of affluence and those associated with famine and starvation continue to fuel political and sociological debate across the globe.

The PGdip in Holistic Nutrition is a multi-disciplinary programme of study which provides opportunities for individuals who have a broad interest in food science and nutrition and in aspects of Ayurvedic health care to undertake an intensive course as part of their personal and/or professional development. This one year programme is designed for individuals who are practising a related complementary health care discipline, for mainstream health professionals who wish to incorporate nutritional interventions within their practice, for those who work in local government, the voluntary sector and in international aid agencies as well as those who have an interest in promoting their own health and well-being.

Course commencing in October 2020.