Indological Studies

Indological Studies (MAU IS 01)
Duration: 1 year
Fees: £3500

This degree offers an unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural history of the India. It crosses conventional boundaries between academic disciplines by encouraging the student to examine the essential unity between the ideational aspects of a culture and its expression in music, spiritual literature and the visual arts. The degree also offers insights into contemporary Indian culture and the efforts of the Indian diaspora to recreate aspects of traditional culture in their areas of settlement.  This short course may be of particular interest to people with a background in Anthropology, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Social and Cultural History or the Arts.

The course will cover Vedic cosmology and the wisdom of the Upanishads, the orthodox schools of Indian philosophy, the Indian music traditions (Carnatic and Hindustani), temple art and architecture, spiritual poetry and the cultural expressions of the ‘globalized ‘ Indian.

Applications are invited for the course commencing in October 2021.