Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression at Mayur University

Statement of Principles

Mayur University is committed to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. This is only possible in an environment of open enquiry, mutual tolerance and intellectual freedom to question and test received wisdom, and to express new ideas without fear of disrespect or discrimination. In practice this means that while we acknowledge the paramount importance of freedom of expression in an institution of higher learning, this freedom may not be exercised to threaten the safety or freedom of expression of others. The University expects all staff and students to engage with a wide range of viewpoints and to listen, dissect, analyse, reason and respond to intellectual and ideological challenges in a constructive and peaceable way. Our position on this matter endorses the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and related international covenants. Furthermore, the University does not tolerate any form of discrimination or intimidation based upon race, religion, gender, ethnicity, nationality or intellectual conviction.

In accepting this Statement and the predication of membership of the institution based upon acceptance of these principles, Mayur University reserves the right to take action against individuals or groups who violate these principles.

Review Procedures

In respect of the above Statement of Principles of Freedom of Expression, it is recognised that there may be occasions when complaints will be brought forward whereby review procedures must be in place to determine whether or not formal disciplinary action or other measures are necessary. These review procedures should normally result in one of the following courses of action:

  1. Disciplinary procedures initiated against individuals or groups;
  2. An informal caution about future action;
  3. Dismissal of the complaint.

Where a complaint is made to the Dean in respect of the infringement of the Statement of Principle of Freedom of Expression, s/he will review the circumstances and after consulting as necessary, will make a recommendation to the Chairman of the Governing council as to whether or not referral to a Review Panel is necessary.

In the event that such action is determined to be necessary, a Review panel shall be convened. Members of the Panel will include three members of the Academic Team and two student representatives.

Where the case involves members of staff, the Panel shall consist of three members of staff. In the case of a student, the Panel shall consist of two members of staff and one student. The Panel shall include both male and female members.

The Review Panel will investigate the complaint and will interview the person(s) lodging it and other individuals if necessary. If the Review Panel finds that there is a case to answer of an alleged violation of the principles of freedom of expression, it will recommend disciplinary action be taken through the relevant University procedures.